A lot of initiative are based on personal stories, the Golden Garden is not an expection from this either. In the summer haveing a runny noise was not cool back in the 80’s. The ragweed season was raging, while with an adult’s head it was already learned on the radio that the symptoms of hay fever can – in some cases – be reduced by completely avoiding the consumption of milk. The snezzing and the cold almost totally left me on that summer. I said almost because one of the morning i couldn’t resist a good creamy cappucino but it had it’s effect. Because of my busy lifestyle and the stress i had more symtomps like backache, reflux, and sinus inflammation. The third spine doctor said to me that if there is inflammation in the intestinal tract it affects our entire connective tissue system, the white membrane between the muscles, this is seen as a metastasis in the facial cavity, it “presses” the back of the head and radiates down to the back. That was the moment when a started to search what a healthy lifestyle really means.

Is there any problem with the milk free, gluten free and animal based products ? Is there a difference between the carbohydrates ? Why the sweeters are usually bad for you ? What does the balanced, harmonious meal means?

It’s sure that when your body does not get enough vitamin and minerals it can cause a lot of disases. The quality and the mixed nutrion come into view because of the environmental effects and the urbanization of the food industry. That’s why we need to do a lot so our body can have an optimal intake in terms of quality and composition. There is another question that we need to examine and that’s the capebility of the body to have this possibilities i mean what absortion capacity contributes to the nutrients.

Most of the times the creation of the vegetable based meal followed by a vegan (a food with vegatable based ingeredients and not ultraprocessed ingredients and formulated with emulsions) meat substitutes test.

From the research and the passion for the gastronima it become a job where also my mother helped me out with choosing the ingredients, but most importtantly she helped me out with the receipe testing. From my view the hardest part in this process was the technological part which i was focusing the most and is still a challenge to this day.

There was a day when it was clear that this is not just a hobby and it has more behind it so we needed to define basic principles and what we want to represent.
We approached the ingredients in a really easy way. Quated from a a highly regarded, prestigious chef: „without high quality ingredients it is not worth it to start a high-level gastronomy”.

According to an old book there is 3 alkalizing pseudocereal: millet, amaranth, buckwheat. For us the millet was the best choice for it’s taste and it’s content so we used that from the beginning.

What’s the goal?

*clean label – so the ingredients are not followed by details of what else had to be added to make it big, light, durable and colorful.
** high quality content

According to the introduction our base was the milk and gluten free product. In the beginning of 2010 we decided to be allergen free too. We did not even realize how big of a challange was this and on the other side there was a new trend with the allergens, based on statistical data that we went in front of it. On a couple of occasions, this was already noticeable in the bud.

There was an event called MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) where we spoked with the travel planners and the hotel representatives and we find out that 25-33% of the people who came to the hotels, events asks for special meals.

The marketers saw this need but the chefs are denied this kind of request. About this everybody can think about a meme or a funny picture. For example: What do you want to order ? – Is there anything gluten or milk free ? – Yes, i can offer you a taxi.

In the meantime the gluten free, vegan trend and a lot kind of diet which „good for everybody” was on the way from America to Europe, while the WHO stated that these should be dealt with on an individual level.

What are we know today ?

After a quick google search:
In the USA every 1 out of 12 child has food allergy in an enormous way. In a short amount of time, the number of the diagnoseses has been doubled. Above the year of 18 the half of the adults will have some kind of allergy and there are more and more multiple which means that people can be allergic to 2-3-4 diferrent kind of allergenic.

Is this the trend that we need to follow ? – It does not look like a trendwave for sure.

Back in the old times we did not even realised that we will have multiple allergy, in some cases it will show but in some it won’t and there are some people who can have anything so we can be jealous of them.

So the Golden Garden products are allergen free.

Back for the topic, how we fit to our goals today ?

So if we wanna be allergen free we need a really complicated purchase, allergen free statements from the source of purchase in order to filter out cross-contamination and for further permanent revisions in the form of our own quick tests and laboratory tests.

We see our goal as a joker, because we see that there are allergen free products but we cannot have a storage with each individual, it is easier to have 1 allergen list free assortment for the hotels.

As i was already talked about this before, the content is really important. We use the most valuable (rich in minerals, protein) ingredients with good carbohydrates recomended by nutrition science lecturers so we can fit into several diets with our products like FODMAP, histamine, IR , yeast free diet, Endo diet and a lot more.

Before trying out any diet we highly recomend to check with an expert.

Yes, clean label. We avoid makeing highly processed food. We make everything like our mother used to in the old times, natural without any chemical.

We store and ship our products in room temperature so it can last long without any preservative. These are all due to purity (organic), proprietary technology, procedures, and protective gas vacuum packaging.

Our goal is to be in every home, meal, hotel so we can serve everybody special needs quick and with a high quality.

Our bakery offer expanded with biscuit, cookies and vegan cheese. We believe that we have added the plus that corresponds to our creed to each category in order to create something special. We are proud of the taste that we represent, which we formulate by packaging the flavors of nature in the best possible form.

We are grateful for the national and international awards but mots importantly we are grateful for the encouraging comments, messesages and the fact that we are able to create tasty and worthy foods for our costumers.

What’s the final goal ? deliver to public catering, and the words of the dieticians ring in my ears with this thought:
„Sándor my news is that i don’t have any news, everything is okay.” I wish this for our every costumer!

Golden Garden- a piece of natur

Our goal is that produce easily digestible gluten and allergen free foods which are well suited to fitness and medical diet with high content for the people who want to eat in a healthy way. During the production we are carefully pay attetion for the quality and for the purity and to buy organic ingredients from domestic producers whenever it’s possible. Every one of our ingredients has gluten and allergen free certificate.

Why you should choose us ?

Our bakery products main ingredient is the organic millet which is the richest pseudo cereal. Carbohydrate-reduced delicacies in the name of fitness, ready-baked, using unique technology and recipes, so that we can enjoy the flavors of nature to the fullest. They are made just the way our mother makes them in the kitchen, clean label products.

Our offer also includes cheese substitutes, sweets like biscuit, cake, muffin, for which we wish you a good appetite!