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Cheese substitutes

Golden Garden – a bite of nature

Our goal is to produce gluten- and allergen-free products for people who want to eat health-consciously, which have a high nutritional value, are easily digestible, and are well suited to fit and healthy diets. During production, we pay close attention to quality and purity, so that whenever possible we buy organic ingredients from domestic producers. All our ingredients have gluten- and allergen-free certification.

Why choose us?

The main ingredient of our baked goods is organic millet, which is one of the richest artificial grains. Carbohydrate-reduced delicacies in the name of fitness, ready-baked, using unique technology and recipes, so that we can enjoy the flavors of nature to the fullest. They are made just as our mother makes them in the kitchen, clean label products. Our offer also includes cheese substitutes, sweets like biscuit, cake, muffin, for which we wish you a good appetite!

100 %

allergen free

100 %

gluten free



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